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Thanks for continuing down the path to success with us. I guess with my personal experience in creating product branding and business images for many of my clients over the years and the design of over 400 retail stores and small commercial businesses you could say I have some experience and expertise that you might just be keen to take advantage of.

Well that’s fantastic, so I would like to show you what we can do to best help you succeed in setting up or re-establishing your business.

We know there are many websites out there offering individual bits of your startup information so we have put together a complete tool kit all in the one place that we know will save you countless hours of research and speed up your business startup.

Note: all templates and checklists included in our membership site are all active files and available for you to copy for your exclusive use.

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Your initial charge will be $97.00 AUD.
You will then be charged $97.00 AUD/month for 5 months
after your initial charge has been made.

As a VIP Member of our Membership program here is what you’ll get

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Personal, one on one briefing sessions: As a VIP member you get 20 one-on-one 10 minute mentoring sessions to speak with me personally about any area that you require a more detailed discussion about. That's a whopping 200 minutes of free time with me plus you have direct email contact at all times as well.

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Know your Market / Niche: Selecting and researching your business thoroughly eclass: You need to know and research your niche thoroughly and we will guide and mentor you through the processes and give you the checklists and steps you need to take to ensure you have gone through the necessary research and due diligence to reduce the risks. We are here to assist and advise you each step of the way to your successful business startup.

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Setting up your business plan eclass: We have put together a comprehensive template and checklist for you to fill out to simplify this task. We will review the results of your eclass with you, plus we have added some typical examples of content of critical sections to include in your business plan which investors and lenders will want and need to see. These examples will be generic in form as you must tailor the sections specifically to your business type. This section is a very comprehensive section and we will be available to hold your hand for you at all stages of the development of your management plan

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Choosing a Successful Location for Your Business eclass: We have prepared a spreadsheet with a list of pros and cons that you can apply to all the sites that are of interest and would make successful locations for your business. This will enable you to produce a comprehensive assessment of all the site location requirements you will need for your type of business to ensure the final site selection meets all your business criteria. You will also be able to produce a preliminary cost estimate of your site setup/establishment costs. Once you have completed the spreadsheet we will assess the results with you to ensure all contingencies have been addressed.

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Branding your Company – Creating a Powerful Store Image eclass: We have put together comprehensive briefs for the engagement of your Graphic Artist, your Retail Store Designer and your Shopfitter/Builder for you to procure a fixed fee proposal from them for their services. The briefs can be tailored to suit your individual needs and requirements and we will assist in any modification you may need to make. We also include a checklist of questions “you” need to answer to ensure the brief to your consultants adequately describes your product branding and the shop image you wish to identify with.

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Assessing your store setup and ongoing running costs eclass: We have developed an interactive template within your business plan that will enable you to develop both an estimate of cost and a final cost of all the aspects of setting up your business. This is not your final retail store running cost schedule but your business establishment costs. This will be your “BudgetTracks” document and will consist of estimated cost and final cost columns so you are able to assess, and see at a glance, if you are running over budget or on track during the setup and construction phase. The checklist will be interactive so that you can add items if required.

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Documenting/Preparing your Business operations Manual eclass: This is your MISSION STATEMENT. We have developed a comprehensive fully interactive template for you to produce your business operations manual with ease. We will “guide you through this process with tools and checklists” and you will be able to delete and add clauses / processes as required to tailor your business plan to suit your business requirements. As I have stated before your business plan will also form part of this document.

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Staff Selection, Management and Training eclass: Staff selection is your most important process. Get this wrong and it will become a costly process to continually replace and retrain staff. We have put together some simple checklist and interview procedures for you to follow to assist the process. This section forms part of your Operations Manual that will be tailored to suit your staff requirements and updated as staff requirements and roles change.
We will also offer some systems outside the box that you may wish to use to assess your staff with.

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Marketing Strategies – What do your clients really need and expect? eclass: We have developed a checklist of those constant issues that you must be aware of and take account of in any marketing campaign and will also assist in tailoring your campaign to suit your product. We will provide you with case histories and current trends through our regular newsletters to keep you “ahead of your customers”.

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Integration of Ecommerce into your Bricks and Mortar Business to create a “Bricks and Clicks” Business: We have included a checklist of all the questions you will need to include in preparing a briefing document for your website developer to prepare a fee proposal for you. We will assist with the integration of your brand and image into your website with 3 reviews during the development of your website and a final review prior to launch. We have also developed checklists and strategies for mobile marketing, product tags, capturing customer’s information and the like within your physical store and provide you with all the methods of marketing your brand and image using social media.

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Pre-Launch and Launch your Business eclass: We provide a checklist of all the issues that must be addressed prior to your launch so the day is a fantastic success.

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A little bit of History and Update blogs: We will post some fantastic and informative comments from some of the most successful Retail Marketing Gurus and provide regular retail design and marketing updates via our blogs to keep you informed of current directions and technology changes.

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A question and answer section on the members only website where we can answer all the frequently asked question. All information, questions and answers, will be available to all members. You can of course ask questions via a private personal email if you wish.

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Eclasses will be emailed to you on a weekly basis. We know that this Membership program will take the stress out of setting up or re-inventing your Retail Business.
We can be contacted at all times by email to discuss any issues or to arrange a time for your one-on-one phone calls via skype. All checklists and templates can be downloaded as active files for your exclusive use.

So to get your instant access NOW simply click on the link below right now to be taken to our secure area.

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Your initial charge will be $97.00 AUD.
You will then be charged $97.00 AUD/month for 5 months
after your initial charge has been made.

How Long Do You Need to Join the Membership Site for?

The course consists of 26 lessons issued over a 6 month period so we encourage you to complete the full course of 26 lessons, however you can stay as long as you like and take full advantage of our site and continued access to me for personal advice. Please note there are no fixed contracts – you pay on a month by month basis. This means that you can unsubscribe at any time, when you feel you have learned what you need.

However most of our members stay on until the SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH of their RETAIL BUSINESS, as they receive great ongoing one on one startup advice, design, operational and marketing information, to assist them up to the opening of their business.

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I look forward to welcoming you onboard and providing you with all the information you need in setting up your Retail Business..





Warren Meadley