Frequently Asked Questions

Do you build our business plan for us?

Business plans are a major part of setting up your business. We provide you with the templates listing all the subject matter that must be included. We do not write the content. We certainly are here to assist.

Do you offer legal advice?

We do not offer legal advice. You must engage a lawyer to draw up any contract and lease agreements etc.

How Long Do I Have To Sign Up For?

You can stay in the membership program for as long as you want. You get an eclass every week, so if you ever find they're no longer valuable to you, you can unsubscribe yourself by following our simple process.

How do I integrate ecommerce into my Bricks and Mortar business?

We have a comprehensive eclass that outlines in detail the how and why you must integrate. This is a must for every bricks and mortar business to bring you into the “bricks and clicks” era. It is one of our most valuable eclasses.
Probably the most important question for retailers to ask in our current market environment.

How is mobile technology affecting bricks and Mortar businesses?

Our eclass on ecommerce integration will answer all your questions. Yes, it is affecting the current business model, however we will allay your fears by giving you the means to take advantage of all technologies and we will show you how to integrate technology into your business.