Do you want to earn an ongoing passive income ?

You can at the same time help people start achieving their dreams!

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Where can retailers and designers learn more about this program?

I have provided a detailed questions and answers page for your prospective clients:

Why become an affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate of Retail Start Up in a Box Program gives you the opportunity to help people and to earn an ongoing passive income.  Every time you recommend the site to someone who might benefit and they join up, you receive 50% commission for the life of their membership.  Not only this, if that person becomes an affiliate and recommends the site to other people, you can receive an additional 10% commission for each new member. This is a great way to earn money every month.

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We value our affiliates because word of mouth and recommendation is the most effective form of marketing known.

So we reward our affiliates very generously and help them as much as we can. Most of our members have joined as a result of someone else's recommendation, which means they find that the site provides exceptional value and has really helped them.

Q. What kind of information do Members of Retail Start Up In a Box Program receive?

  • Access to this members-only website which is constantly updated with valuable information about Retail.
  • Email support with me. Up to 10 emails. I’ll be there to guide you through the membership program if there’s something you don’t understand.  It’s like having your own personal trainer.
  • Weekly eclasses which are emailed to you. These take you step by step through the whole process, with heaps of examples, tips and advice.
  • A discussion forum where you can send your questions and ideas, with my answers to frequently asked questions and where you can connect with others from all over the world. It's great to have a friendly group of supporters cheering you on from the side lines!
  • The goal of this membership site is to provide young retail entrepreneurs with a program that takes the stress out of setting your business startup> we hold your hand through those initial self assessments to product selection to shop design and construction to business launch, all from the one site so you can feel confident that your business startup is founded on strong research.

Do I have to be a paying member of your site to be an affiliate?

No you don’t. However it is a good idea to join as you will not only find the information interesting and useful, but it will help you to recommend the program to others.

Do I have to start my own retail business to join your affiliation program? Does this suit any other kind of business person?

A. No you don’t have to have your own retail business to be an affiliate, anyone can be an affiliate. The membership site however is targeted at people who have or are starting a retail business, so it would be handy for an affiliate to know such people.

How do I become an affiliate?

Get set up with Clickbank (It's free and takes about 2 minutes). It costs nothing and you can start referring friends or others from your list immediately.

1. Once your Clickbank account is open, it is important to remember the nickname you have assigned yourself.  (If you're already a Clickbank member, you can create your link below now)

2. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP WITH CLICKBANK (This link opens in a new browser screen. Don't forget to switch back to this screen once the signup is complete!)

3. Your unique URL that links to this web site is:

4. Important: Replace AFFILIATE with the 'nickname' you established with Clickbank.

Promote Your Link and Earn The Commissions!

All that's left to do now is promote ‘Retail StartUp In A Box’ to your website visitors and newsletter subscriber list or customer list

Do you have some tips for affiliate success?

I want you to be successful and earn commissions from the sale of my program. Here are a few simple suggestions to increase your sales.

Tip No. 1 Write a short endorsement testimonial about the program. If you are regularly contacting your online list or client base and delivering great content then you would have built up a level of trust with them. Your recommendation of this program will result in extra sales.

Tip No. 2 If you have a database of email addresses, send a personal email to those you think this program would help.

Tip No. 3 For best results when sending an email, a short personal recommendation with your unique "link" is often enough. Once they get to the site, a high percentage of people will buy.

Tip No. 4 In order to write an effective recommendation, you really need to read Retail StartUp In a Box Program. We suggest that you buy it for yourself from your own affiliate site and get 50% off. After reading it, you will be much better at telling your clients how good it really is

All that's left to do now is promote the Retail StartUp In a Box Program to your website visitors and newsletter subscriber list.

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